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Internet telephones with productivity-driving communication tools and predictable low monthly rates

Many SMBs are so accustomed to the limitations of traditional office telephones — bad sound quality, high costs, and limited features — they fail to realize there is a much better, much cheaper alternative: Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP provides telephony with other customizable functions over your internet connection, bringing advantages like stable and reduced monthly costs and greatly expanded features.

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Years experience
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Collaboration to drive productivity

VoIP enhances both colleague communication and customer care. It offers collaboration tools like voice or video conferencing, shared screens and whiteboards, and call forwarding anywhere to mobile devices like laptops, tablets, or cell phones. What’s more, CRM capabilities are built in, including customizable voicemail and call handling options.

Never miss an opportunity

Online integration with your desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones means communication between leadership, team members, and customers can happen in real time, regardless of where any of them are.

For organizations with three people or three thousand, pay only for what
you need

With this system, the user numbers and functionalities in your contract can be increased or decreased to handle fluctuations in your workload, reducing inefficiency and maximizing ROI. And as a hosted service, Techpal Africa Solutions’ VoIP Solution is maintenance-free and billed at a fixed monthly rate far lower than typical telco fees.

Benefits of Our VoIP Solutions Include:

High-quality voice communications delivered over affordable broadband
An extensive set of productivity, collaboration, and CRM tools
A zero-maintenance system monitored 24/7 by Best IT Providers
Scalability to meet increases or decreases in your workload and headcount
Crystal-clear sound quality compared to legacy telephones
An end to fluctuating telephone bills and costly long distance charges

Techpal Africa Solutions are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
Ferdinand Ragot